My primary research interests include socio-ecological systems and energy geographies, and my primary regions of interest are the Arctic, Russia, Eurasia, and urban places. I address the sustainability and resilience of people and places, working with local communities for more sustainable futures. Especially, I am interested in energy and climate change-induced transformations of postsocialist, urban, and remote regions, attempting to understand, for and with communities, how environments, livelihoods, and possible futures are co-created by multiple actors. Investigating these issues requires integrating various kinds of data and working with multiple peoples.

Much of my research is interdisciplinary, which I define as using an innovative conceptual framework to synthesize two or more disciplinary approaches. I publish primary research on the transformations of places and communities due to extractive industrial activity, post-industrial and postsocialist conditions, and climate change. Below, I describe my research thematically to provide an understanding of my current and future research trajectories, but I note that all trajectories are interrelated.

Photo above: Interviews and ice fishing, Sea of Okhotsk, by J.K. Graybill

Photo below: Salmon for the winter, Sakhalin Island, by J.K. Graybill



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